Tomcat 9.0.0.M1


  • Add: Make Java 8 the minimum required version to build and run Tomcat 9. (markt)
  • Update: Remove support for Comet. (markt)
  • Update: Tighten up the default file permissions for the .tar.gz distribution so no files or directories are world readable by default. Configure Tomcat to run with a default umask of 0027 which may be overridden by setting UMASK in (markt)
  • Update: Remove native code (Windows Service Wrapper, APR/native connector) support for Windows Itanium. (markt)


  • Update: The default HTTP cookie parser has been changed to org.apache.tomcat.util.http.Rfc6265CookieProcessor. (markt)


  • Update: Remove support for the HTTP BIO and AJP BIO connectors. (markt)
  • Code: Refactor HTTP upgrade and AJP implementations to reduce duplication. (markt)
  • Add: Add support for HPACK header encoding and decoding, contributed by Stuart Douglas. (remm)
  • Add: 57108: Add support for Server Name Indication (SNI). There has been significant changes to the SSL configuration in server.xml to support this. (markt)
  • Add: Add SSL engine for JSSE backed by OpenSSL. Includes ALPN support. Based on code contributed by Numa de Montmollin and derived from code developed by Twitter and Netty. (remm)
  • Fix: RFC 7230 states that clients should ignore reason phrases in HTTP/1.1 response messages. Since the reason phrase is optional, Tomcat no longer sends it. As a result the system property org.apache.coyote.USE_CUSTOM_STATUS_MSG_IN_HEADER is no longer used and has been removed. (markt)
  • Update: The minimum required Tomcat Native version has been increased to 1.2.2. The 1.2.x branch includes ALPN and SNI support which are required for HTTP/2. (markt)


  • Fix: Clarify the handling of Copy message and Copy nodes. (kfujino)


  • Add: Support the use of the threads attribute on Ant's junit task. Note that using this with a value of greater than one will disable Cobertura code coverage. (markt)